Tired of ‘stay-cations’ and want to get back to actually having a summer vacation but want to save as much money as possible?

Sounds like the majority of us and these money saving tips will help you and your family enjoy a vacation, complete with souvenirs, that won’t break the budget.

1) Online Vacation Specials

With the influx of commercials for Priceline, Travelocity, and similar travel sites, most potential travelers are well aware of the money saving deals that can be had with a few mouse clicks.

The cheapest airfare, hotel, and car rentals should be procured online before leaving home.

The more flexible vacation plans are, the more money you can save. But you don’t want to stop saving money after all the ‘big ticket’ vacation items have been purchased, continue the savings with these tips.

2) Get Into Local Attractions For Free

Wherever your vacation travel takes you, many of the local attractions will offer specific days and/or times when the admission charge is waived.

Water parks often let in visitors for free or at a substantially reduced rate late in the afternoon/evening hours.

Theme parks usually offer free admission for the following day when buying tickets at the ticket booth in the late afternoon/evening hours.

Museums and other local attractions may offer free admission on slow days during the weeks. Go online or call local attractions of interest to discover what discounts may be offered to save money.

3) Pick Up A Newspaper and Brochures

When you check into the hotel/condo/resort, look around the lobby for the local newspaper and brochures advertising local attractions and eateries.

Both of these are often a wealth of money-saving coupons.

Many times an attraction or meal with be offered at a buy-one-get-one-free deal and that can save a family of four a lot of vacation money.

4) Cheap Souvenirs

We all know the tourist traps which offer over-priced souvenirs for sale, think outside the souvenir box and head over to the local grocery store or Dollar Store.

Both stores offer various trinkets with the name of the location you’re visiting, such as ball caps, T-shirts, ink pens, coffee cups, etc., at a far lower price than traditional souvenir shops.

Think outside the souvenir box and save money too; head to the grocery store in Vermont to purchase Vermont maple syrup: purchase key limes in Florida at the grocery store or pick up Texas BBQ sauce at a Texas grocery store.