Want to save money on food?

If so, you are like many Americans who can’t believe how high prices are at the grocery store.

As a result, they are trying to figure out how to lower this major household expense without sacrificing the quality of their life. Well, here’s some help.

Below are a few ways you can save money on food without turning to a diet of just bread and water.

1. Turn your bottles upside down.

Condiments like mustard, catsup, and mayo are partially used because of the difficulty people have in getting the last drop.

Thwart this problem by turning all of the condiments you buy upside down. Make it easy on yourself by purchasing ones with large, flat tops.

2. Buy a produce bag.

Produce bags like Evert-Fresh keep fruit and veggies fresh longer.

As a result, you don’t have to go to the store every day in order to avoid losing money on rotten produce.

The prices for these bags start around $8.00. Buy a couple and save big.

3. Get canned goods at discount stores.

Think restaurants buy the bulk of their supplies at fancy grocery stores?

Wrong! They go to discount markets and save on money. You should do the same.

Go to your local Canned Food store or One Dollar store and stock up on canned items.

The pennies you save will add up to dollars in your bank account.

4. Visit the butcher at the end of the day.

Like eating steak? Get it for cheap by visiting the butcher just before he closes.

Then, buy a steak that will expire by the next day.

The butcher will give it to you at a discount since he’ll have to throw it out soon. If you cook it that night, you’ll have fresh meat at a discounted price.

5. Get coupons from multiple sources.

Don’t limit yourself to clipping coupons from one source.

Buy the Sunday newspaper, visit the Website of the product manufacturer and put Coupons on your favorite’s list.

The coupons you get from these combined sources will help you reduce your food bill by dollars.

See how you can save at the grocery store now? Use these tips and keep more of the money you earn in your pocket.